The Arkansas House continued a long standing tradition to hold a House Caucus the Friday after the election. The freshmen members drew for seniority positions and then all members chose their seat in the chamber for the duration of the next two years.


This is the first opportunity many of us have to meet our new colleagues. 


The House will have more women and more minorities serving next year. In fact, records have been broken for the legislature.


There will be 25 women serving in the House.  This ties the record for the House set in 2009. However, with 7 women serving in the Senate, there will be more women serving collectively in the legislature in the history of our state.  This record is broken on the same year we will be celebrating the centennial of Arkansas ratifying the 19thAmendment.


We also have more minorities serving in the House than ever before. There will be 13 African Americans serving in the House next year.


Members will have more experience in the House than the previous two decades.


We have 10 members who will come into the chamber serving their 5th term. 


  • 21 members will be serving their 4th term.
  • 27 members serving their 3rd term.
  • 20 members beginning their 2nd term.
  • 22 members are incoming freshman.

The political make-up is 24 Democrats and 76 Republicans.


In years past, membership for standing committees has been determined on the same day as the caucus.  The House voted in favor of a rule last year to allow the Speaker to select the membership of all committees.  Those announcements will be made on the first day of session.


The Regular Session begins January 14.  Bill filing begins next week. 


We will continue to update you.  In the meantime, be sure to check our website and social media posts for more information about the 92nd General Assembly.


11-9-18 5:18 p.m. kawx.org 

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