The Arkansas Department of Aeronautics (ADA) released a study recently showing the economic impact of airports in Arkansas and it clearly shows that aviation is a key component of the state's economy.


Arkansas airports, including Little Rock Air Force Base, employee around 42,500 people, generate $1.5 billion in annual payroll, and produce over $3.5 billion in economic activity.         


Mena's Intermountain Municipal Airport businesses have a total employment of 739 and a $14,739,000 payroll. The total output is $47,905.00. 


The total employment numbers include employees at the airport and for support businesses not necessarily located at the airport. Airport manager Fred Ogden estimates that the total number of on field employees at airport located businesses is around 250. 


Mena Intermountain Municipal Airport is classified as a "General Aviation Airport", of which there are 82 in Arkansas, and in that category has more total employment and the second largest total payroll in the state.


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