U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Arkansas Pro-Life Law, Governor Hutchinson Comments 

The U.S. Supreme Court refused on Monday to hear a challenge to an Arkansas Law that requires abortion providers to have contracts with doctors who have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.  The Court’s refusal to hear the challenge means that a previous ruling upholding the Arkansas law issued by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals will stand. 

Family Council Executive Director, Jerry Cox, said in a statement on Monday, “This is very good news for people who care about the safety of women in Arkansas.  It’s not too much to require an abortion doctor to have a contract that allows him or her to have their emergency patients to be admitted to a local hospital.  Women who are bleeding from a botched abortion shouldn’t have to drive to the emergency room and admit themselves into the hospital.  They deserve better treatment and this good law does that.”
According to reports from legal experts watching the case, now that the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to take up the case, the ruling by the Eighth Circuit that upheld the law will stand. 
“Until the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals issues an order making the law binding, it is my understanding that opponents of the law can hurry to Federal Court and ask Judge Christine Baker, the federal judge who initially declared the law unconstitutional, to issue some type of injunction barring enforcement of the law.  This could delay enforcement, but likely not prevent it.”  Cox said.
The Arkansas Legislature passed the Abortion Inducing Drugs Safety Act in 2015. The law was sponsored by Representative Charlene Fite (R) Van Buren, and Senator Linda Collins-Smith (R) Pocahontas.  Cox said, “We were pleased to work with these lawmakers and the rest of the Arkansas Legislature and with Governor Hutchinson to get this good law passed.  Special credit should go to Attorney General Leslie Rutledge who vigorously and successfully defended this good law.”
“This is a pro-life victory not only for the women of Arkansas, but for women across the nation.  I’m sure other states will be looking at Arkansas and considering following our example.” Cox said.

Governor Hutchinson Issues Statement in Response to 
Supreme Court’s Rejection of Planned Parenthood Appeal
LITTLE ROCK – Governor Asa Hutchinson has issued a statement in response to the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear a challenge to Arkansas Act 557, a law that requires physicians who provide medically induced abortions to contract with a doctor who has hospital-admitting privileges. Planned Parenthood sued to stop Arkansas from implementing the law, which the Arkansas legislature passed in 2015 to create safeguards to protect women in case of a complication with abortion-inducing medication.
“The Supreme Court’s decision today was good news for those who are concerned about health and safety in the administration of medically induced abortions,” said Governor Hutchinson. “Not only does the Court’s action uphold Arkansas law but it also underscores the importance and necessity of protecting women, as well as the unborn, with common-sense measures.”


Family Council is a conservative education and research organization based in Little Rock, Arkansas.


5-29-18 5:58 p.m. 


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