AUGUST 14, 2018
  The Arkansas State Police is looking for eligible recruits to fill the 2019 academy class. Qualified individuals will be selected to enter the Arkansas State Police Recruit Academy, with a start date of February 24, 2019.

   “If you have what it takes to become an Arkansas State Trooper, we want to meet you,” said Colonel Bill Bryant, Director of the Arkansas State Police.  “If you are selected, you will find yourself on the path of one of the most rewarding careers imaginable.” 

   The expectations placed on Arkansas State Troopers are extraordinary, and that is why the Arkansas State Police has the highest required standards for applicants. Minimum qualifications to be considered are:  

    - Must be a United States citizen and at least 21 years of age.
   - Must possess a medical release to participate in a physical fitness test.
   - Must possess a current and valid driver license.
   - Must be a certified high school graduate or possess a GED equivalency.
   - Must meet visual acuity requirements. 
   - Never convicted of a felony criminal charge.
   - Never convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.
   - Pass a comprehensive background check.
   - No tattoos shall be visible on an applicant’s body that could be seen if wearing the uniform of  an Arkansas State Trooper.  

  The Arkansas State Police Recruit Academy is a 21 week intense training environment, designed to teach our recruits the job skills necessary to perform the duties of a trooper. Those selected to attend our academy will receive more than 1,000 hours of training covering all aspects of law enforcement. 

   Recruits begin earning a salary after being offered a position by the Director of the Arkansas State Police and reporting to the academy.  The entry salary for an Arkansas State Trooper Recruit is $40,340.  Following four and ½ years of service, a trooper becomes eligible for promotion to the rank of Trooper First Class, receiving a salary increase of 10% or an increase to the entry pay level of $45,010, whichever is greater.  Upon seven and ½ years of service a trooper is promoted to the rank of corporal, awarded a 10% raise or an increase to the entry pay level of $50,222, or whichever is greater.  

   Benefits include:  
    - Healthcare insurance is paid by the state for a trooper (recruit) and family
   - Certificate pay up to $1,200 annually (*state police director discretion)
   - Retirement contributions are paid by the state.
   - Uniforms and equipment are furnished.
   - Eligible for career service pay following ten years of state service.

  Interested applicants are encouraged to visit the Arkansas State Police web site at www.asp.arkansas.gov, where they can find all the forms necessary to start the hiring process. The recruiting page also provides applicants a means to directly contact a recruiter. 
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