Early Voting Starts In Two Weeks

Early voting begins two weeks from today. Do you know who your candidates are and where they stand on the issues?

Family Council is shipping thousands of printed copies of the Arkansas Voter's Guide statewide ahead of the election in November. You can request free copies of the guide by going to ArkansasVotersGuide.com.

So far we've shipped nearly 40,000 printed copies of the guide, and we have about 10,000 left.

If you haven't already ordered copies of the guide for your family, your home school group, your church, or your friends, don't wait. Order them today at ArkansasVotersGuide.com.

Since 1990 Family Council has produced the state's leading nonpartisan voter's guide.

We survey the candidates on issues like school choice, marriage, abortion, illegal immigration, and other topics, and we published their responses in print and online.

Our voter's guide tells you who the candidates are, how to contact them, and where they stand on a number of important issues.

You can order free copies of the guide right now at ArkansasVotersGuide.com.

We can only provide printed copies of the Arkansas Voter's Guide while supplies last, so don't wait.

The Arkansas Voter's Guide is completely free, but you can help support it by making a generous, tax-deductible donation to Family Council today. Click here to donate.






































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