Mena Police Department Reports for the Week of October 28th through November 3rd
October 28, 2018
A Mena man reported that a former girlfriend had taken utilities out in his name without his permission.  Case pending.
Report was made of someone trying to pass a counterfeit $100.00 bill at a local convenience store.  Case is pending location and interview of suspect.
A local man reported that someone had destroyed his mailbox, possibly with a vehicle.  Case pending.
Dennis Stinson, 40, of Mena was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal mischief after an incident at a local residence.
October 29, 2018
Report was made of a local woman being followed and harassed by a neighbor.  This is an ongoing altercation, and is under investigation.
A woman who owns a house in Mena reported that someone had taken out a telephone using her name and the address of the local property.  The house is vacant, and she did not authorize the transaction.  Case is pending.
Luke Stockton, 45, of Mena was charged with DWI, second offense and speeding after a routine traffic stop.
October 30, 2018
A woman reported that she had had prowlers at her residence, and that some damage had been done to a fence on the property.  Case is pending further investigation.
Several items were stolen from a two local businesses, including two riding lawnmowers, a go-cart, and a push-mower, as well as several smaller items.  Case is pending, and suspects are being identified.
October 31, 2018
Employees at a local convenience store reported a gas-skip.  No suspects were identified.  Case pending receipt of further information.
November 1, 2018
A local woman reported that an acquaintance had stolen cash from her purse.  Case is pending interview of suspect.
Tonya L. Henry, 43, of Mena was charged with theft of property (shoplifting) after officers were dispatched to a local retail store.
A Mena woman reported that someone had gained access to her banking account and charged approximately $4,000.00 to her account. Case is pending further investigation.
Vandalism was done to the restrooms at a local park.  Case is pending further investigation.
Levi Cottman, 28, of Mena was arrested on a body attachment warrant for failure to pay child support.
Melissa Turpin, 44, of Mena was arrested on two outstanding felon warrants from Sebastian County.
November 2 & 3, 2018
A Mena woman reported that someone had stolen her checkbook from her purse as she was shopping at a local store.  Case is pending review of surveillance tapes from the business.
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