Seth Smith defeated Mena Police Chief Brandon Martin in the runoff election for Mena Mayor on Tuesday. With absentee, early, and election day votes all in, the complete but unofficial results are 70% or 720 votes for Seth Smith, 30% or 311 votes for Brandon Martin.

Seth Smith has been elected as Mena's next Mayor.

In the general election November 6th, none of the three candidates, Seth Smith, Brandon Martin, or Ron Tilley, garnered enough votes to win without a runoff. 
In early voting Smith received 428 votes to Martin's 190.
In absentee voting Smith received 37 to Martin's 22.
Election Day Smith received 255 to Martin's 99.
The Polk County Election Commission will meet soon to certify the votes. 
There are a few provisional ballots out, and there may be a military ballot still to be counted, but nothing that would change the outcome of today's runoff.
Seth Smith will assume his duties as Mayor of Mena on January 1, 2019.
12-4-18 8:28 p.m. kawx.org 

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