KAWX radio is pleased and excited to announce that the old time radio show Lum and Abner will be added to our weekday lineup starting December 31st. The Lum and Abner program will be the anchor program for the new Lum and Abner and Old Time Radio Show heard weekdays at 6:30 p.m. 

After the Lum and Abner program there will be another old time radio show each day.
To kick the new show off, the December 31st episode of Lum and Abner is when they try and start their own radio station over in Pine Ridge, followed by an episode of The Baby Snooks.
Starting January 1st and for some time the second program will be Superman.
During the Golden Age of Radio, the Lum and Abner show was one of the most popular and longest running shows, and the actors, Chet Lauck and Norris Goff, were both from Mena.
Listen locally on FM 93.1 or 94.9, anywhere in the world at kawx.org, with a free KAWX app available at the App Store or Google Play, on any smart device with the TuneIn app, or on Amazon Echo.
12-30-18 8:39 p.m. kawx.org 

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