Travis Pleads Guilty To Four Capital Murder Counts

Brian Travis, age 39, pled guilty to four counts of Capital Murder in Polk County Circuit Court today. Travis admitted guilt in the April 2017 deaths of Bethany Wester, age 43, Acelynn Wester, age 2, Reilly Scarbrough, age 9, and Steven Payne, age 66. Travis was sentenced to 4 Life without the Possibility of Parole sentences.

Polk County Sheriff Scott Sawyer said "He will spend the rest of his life in prison and after today I will never mention his name again. Though this case was initially pursued as a death penalty case, ultimately Prosecutor Andy Riner allowed Travis to plead guilty to 4 Life w/o sentences. There are many reasons why Mr. Riner made this decision, which by the way I support 100%, but ultimately this is the sentence that the family of the victims requested. Travis was transported to ADC Varner Supermax after being sentenced. Please remember our victims and their wonderful family in your prayers".
1-7-19 5:58 p.m. kawx.org