The Polk County Quorum Court met for their regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening. All eleven Justices of the Peace were in attendance as well as the County Judge, other elected officials, and around a dozen visitors.


After routine business was taken care of, Judge Brandon Ellison introduced Mandy Dunlap, the Family Support Advocate for ARVAC in Polk County, who gave an overview of the many programs available to citizens including utility bill assistance and commodities. ARVAC will also be placing a computer in the lobby of the Polk County Office Complex (old hospital) on Pine Street in Mena for citizens to use during the upcoming Census. Dunlap explained that if the Census gets accurate information there will be more assistance available to residents, and shared that Polk County has three of the top fifteen poorest towns in the state, Cove, Vandervoort and Wickes. Two of ARVAC's local clients spoke briefly of how programs had helped their families during difficult times.


                           Mandy Dunlap


Polk County Assessor Jovan Thomas was asked to explain the letters that many residents received recently advising them that some of their personal property, mainly automobiles, was improperly valued causing some to think their taxes would go up. Thomas said that the personal property taxes residents will pay will not necessarily go up, and in most cases won't. The problem was caused by a third party vendor (Price Digests) the state uses to determine values and depreciation amounts and affected all 75 counties. Polk County mailed 8,100 notice letters costing the county over $4,000 just in postage, plus the cost of envelopes, paper, toner, and labort o make sure residents were aware of the issue. If anyone has questions about the notice or how it might affect your tax liability, contact the Polk County Assessor at (479) 394-8157.


The September Quorum Court meeting date was changed to September 19th at 6:00 p.m. due to a conflict. 


All Quorum Court meetings are open to the public.


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