Mena School Board Holds November Meeting


The Mena School Board met for the regular November meeting on Tuesday evening.


The board began by approving the minutes from the September & October meetings.


They quickly moved to passing a disclosure statement for board member Kyle Cannon who is also an employee of the Union Bank of Mena.


A proposal was made to change the district employees vision plan. Mena Insurance currently holds the contract through Superior Vision. The new plan offered by Mena Insurance would be through Blue Cross & Blue Shield at a lower cost to employees and an increase in benefits. The change was passed by the board & will go into effect February 1, 2020.


Next was the approval of the financial reports for September & October.


Resignations were accepted by the board including Carol Sproles, Michaela VanPelt, David Goodner, & Howard Elliot.


The board approved an addendum to the contract of Cheryl Goodner, additional hours to Keri Duer, and a transfer of duties for Alicia Moody.


Superintendent Benny Weston presented a plan to restructure current Mena School District custodial employees & outsource the needed evening janitorial shifts. The board approved accepting a bid from SG360 for only the evening janotorial shifts at Louise Durham Elementary & Holly Harshman Elementary.


(Source: Mena Public Schools Facebook Page.)

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