Ballot Positions For 2020 Primary Election In Polk County Announced


The Polk County Election Commission met Wednesday in the Polk County Courthouse to draw for ballot placement positions for contested races in the 2020 Primary Election which will be March 3rd. The results are listen below.


US President—Democratic Primary


Position 1-- Michael Bennet

Position 2-- Julian Castro

Position 3-- Joe Sestak

Position 4-- Tom Steyer

Position 5-- Tulsi Gabbard

Position 6-- John K. Delaney

Position 7-- Cory Booker

Position 8-- Kamala Harris

Position 9-- Joseph R. Biden

Position 10-- Steve Bullock

Position 11-- Elizabeth Warren

Position 12-- Michael R. Bloomberg

Position 13-- Mosie Boyd

Position 14-- Pete Buttigieg

Position 15-- Amy Klobuchar

Position 16-- Marianne Williamson

Position 17-- Bernie Sanders

Position 18-- Andrew Yang


US President—Republican Primary


Position 1-- Bill Weld

Position 2-- Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente

Position 3-- Donald J. Trump


State Representative—District 21—Republican Primary


Position 1-- Representative Marcus Richmond

Position 2-- Jim Reynolds


State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 4—Non Partisan Judicial General Election


Position 1-- Judge Morgan “Chip” Welch

Position 2-- Barbara Womack Webb


Court of Appeals Associate Judge District 04 Position 2-Non Partisan Judicial General Election


Position 1-- Emily White

Position 2-- Prosecuting Attorney Stephanie Potter Barrett


Circuit Judge District 18 West, Division 01


Position 1-- Patrick McDaniel

Position 2-- Prosecuting Attorney Andy Riner


Mena School Board, Position 1


Position 1-- Brandyn Gortemiller

Position 2-- Todd Aynes


Mena School Board, Position 2


Position 1-- Robert Hines

Position 2-- Calvin Cummings


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