Polk County Quorum Court Meeting Held Tuesday, January 28th

The Polk County Quorum Court met Tuesday, January 28th for their regular monthly session.

Ten of the eleven Justices of the Peace were present, as well as County Judge Brandon Ellison and other elected officials and guests.
The agenda was fairly short including routine business and the election of Tawana Gilbert to serve as the representative for Polk County to the Arkansas Association of Quorum Courts.
Judge Ellison and County Clerk Terri Harrison discussed the need to formalize pay for poll workers and it was decided that an ordinance would be drafted and presented for consideration at the February meeting.
Bridget Martin with the Extension service spoke tot he court about the 2020 Census and encouraged cooperation in encouraging residents to be sure and participate. Judge Ellison noted that many rural counties in Arkansas are losing population and reminded the Quorum Court and others in attendance that a drop in population would result in less money for the county and could even result in the classification changing, which would reduce the number of Justice of the Peace from eleven to nine, among other things.
Prosecuting Attorney Andy Riner gave a report to the Quorum Court on the Hot Check program, of which a portion of the fees is shared with the County General Fund. 
The February Quorum Court meeting will be held in the Courtroom at the Polk County Courthouse since the regular meeting place would be being used for early voting.
The February Quorum Court meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. on February 25th.
Quorum Court meetings are open to the public.
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