The Arkansas Choral Directors Association recognizes individual students and choral groups that participate in region choral performance assessment and excel in academic achievement.  The awards program features two levels of recognition based on the 4.0 grading scale:  Distinguished Academic Achievement (GPA of 3.25 or higher) and Excellence in Academic Achievement (GPA of 3.00 - 3.24).


The GPA of the first semester of the current school year is used to determine award recipients.  
Mena's The Spotlight Singers earned a group Distinguished award with a combined GPA of 3.85. 
The Bearcat Chorus earned a group Excellence award with a combined GPA of 3.0.
Students earning individual Distinguished Academic Achievement honors are:  
Spotlight Singers
Cassidy Ashcraft, Miranda Burt, Cassidy Delaney, Hope Egger, Christina Gragg, Cloey Massey, Zoe McPherson, Ali Ogden, Kendall Posey, and Nalu Pruitt 
Bearcat Chorus
Ashtan Carr, Hannah Willis, Devon Davis, Misael Knight, Latonia Siler, Julia Bailey, Leilani Knight, Gabby Pierce, Maddison Gunn, Tabitha Levering, Gabe Betz, Phong Nguyen, Ethan Scott
Students earning Excellence in Academic Achievement are:
Bearcat Chorus
Chloe White, Sierra Taylor, Alexyss Hilderbrand, Summer Venable
Congratulations to these students and The Spotlight Signers and The Bearcat Chourus!
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