On Wednesday, April 15, 2020, at approximately 11:52 a.m., the Polk County Sheriff's Office received a call about a possible body in a creek on Polk County Road 71 near Ink (Polk County). Upon arrival at the scene, deputies discovered the body of an unidentified white male in a creek at the intersection of Polk County Roads 71 and 194. The Arkansas State Police C.I.D. was contacted to assist working the scene.

The body was later identified as Benjamin Dale Gheorghiu, age 44, of Mena.
Based on information obtained during the initial investigation, a suspect was developed. After being interviewed, Hunter James Hogan, age 21 of Mena, was arrested. Hogan was charged with 1st Degree Murder and Abuse of a Corpse. Hogan is incarcerated in the Polk County Detention Center.
Polk County Sheriff Scott Sawyer stated that he wanted to thank his deputies and the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division for their hard work in the case. "They went from an unidentified body in a creek to having a suspect in custody in a matter of hours. This case came together very quickly because of outstanding police work!"
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