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The Board of Directors from Ouachita Little Theatre met June 18 to discuss future plans for activities and shows. Since the COVID19 concerns are still with us indefinitely in Polk County, it is next to impossible to determine production dates safely. Therefore, the board voted to extend all memberships six additional months at no extra charge. In other words, if you have a season, complimentary, or purchased ticket for an event, you can add six months to the expiration date. Notices will be sent to the membership explaining details. This decision is for the benefit of members as an appreciation measure for support during a time when shows cannot be shown. President Rudi Timmerman states, “It’s the only fair thing to do for our season ticket holders; we don’t want them paying for shows they can’t see yet. But of course, it adds strain to an already strained budget. Therefore, donations will be appreciated now more than ever.”


Also effected by the pandemic, the musical “BIG” remains on hold for the time being. Even though the set is almost completely done, it has been impossible to hold rehearsals. Therefore, the painful decision was reached to collect scripts from the cast until a date can be set. Parts will be secure for those who are available and wish to remain in the show, but further auditions may be necessary. “BIG” will proceed onstage when it can be safely executed and enjoyable to our audiences.


The board is also looking at creative ways to make money to pay expenses that occur monthly. Without income from shows, it has been very challenging. Board members are looking at fun ways to provide theater fun online or in other safe ways that could also produce a small amount of revenue.


One of OLT’s major announcements includes the safe return of Free Movie Night on the second Wednesday of each month. CDC and Arkansas State Guidelines will be followed, and details will be explained in a follow-up article. The next family- friendly feature will be Ben Stiller in “Night at the Museum” on July 8 at 6:30 PM.


OLT Welcomes Patrons Back to “Movie Night!”


Ouachita Little Theatre has been quiet for the past months due to COVID-19. After distributing a survey to the membership of OLT, the board was happy to see there was a definite interest in bringing back the monthly second Wednesday of the month tradition of Free Movie Night. Beginning July 8, OLT will kick off our summer blockbuster shows with “Night at the Museum” starring Ben Stiller. This delightfully funny family film is sure to be a great break for families to come and enjoy an old-fashioned tradition in “going to the movies” together.


OLT takes your health protection very seriously. Therefore, there will be some pandemic safeguards in place following the Governor’s guidelines for theaters. Patrons must wear a mask at all times during the movie, although children under 10 will not be required to wear masks. Masks may be removed temporarily to eat and drink purchases from the concession stand. Popcorn, drinks, and candy bars are approved refreshments. Servers will wear masks and gloves while dispensing them. Hand sanitizers will be available in key areas. The theater will be cleaned and disinfected before and after each use. Social distancing lines will be marked on the floor in the lobby. Certain seating areas will be sectioned off as unusable, but families are welcome to sit together in a group and will need to space at least six feet from any other patrons. No more than 50 people will be allowed in the building at the showing.


Of course, anyone not feeling well or know they have been exposed to the virus should stay at home. Those over age 65, or those with underlying health conditions might choose to refrain until restrictions are no longer necessary. But if you can come, we’d love to see your faces again!


Movie Nights begin at 6:30 PM at the OLT. It will look a little different for a while, but what a treat to share a movie together the way it was intended to be enjoyed. Join us, and please consider leaving a donation in the designated containers to help Ouachita Little Theatre navigate financially through a difficult time. On August 12 OLT will feature another summer blockbuster hit, Steven Spielberg’s “JAWS!” Hope to see you at the movies!


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