As part of our social distancing plan for entertainment at Ouachita Little Theatre, we are inviting you to join us Wednesday, August 12 for a free screening of Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic, “JAWS!” There is a lot of excitement for this one, as “JAWS” is celebrating its 45th anniversary this summer.


This movie helped coin the term “blockbuster” as crowds for this film literally wrapped around blocks of movie theaters all over the country. It was Spielberg’s fifth movie and first major hit. There are colorful stories about the making of this movie, and an entertaining short clip will be shown after the screening of “JAWS” for those who would like to learn more about the film.


Also new to “Movie Night,” are themed masks for patrons to purchase with a donation to OLT ($10 is the suggested minimum donation.) Since wearing masks during the movie is required, this is a fun way for get in the spirit of our Wednesday Night at the Lyric. This is a fundraiser for OLT to help us get through the financially trying times we face. So please reserve your mask by calling 243-5903. The shark masks are designed exclusively for OLT through combined efforts from Lorraine Timmerman and Beth McMillan.


Admission is free, and concessions are cheap. Come enjoy the cool, totally sanitized theater for a fun night out with friends and family!


The fun begins at 6:30 PM. OLT extends caution to parents of young or sensitive children (or maybe even some sensitive adults.) This film is technically rated PG, but even in 1975 that was a surprise to many due to depicted violence of shark attacks, so OLT is rating this one PG13. If you get scared, you can always pull your shark mask up a little higher to cover your eyes! CDC and governor guidelines remain in place at OLT until further notice.

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