Quorum Court Approves Raises, Supports Issue 1

The Polk county Quorum Court met Tuesday for their August session. The meeting was once again held in the Courtroom at the Courthouse to allow for social distancing, and Justices of the Peace and others in attendance were checked for fever before entering the courtroom.

Nine of the eleven Justices of the Peace were present, as well as most other elected officials and a number of county employees and guests.
The JPs took care of routine business and heard a report from the Salary and Personnel Committee Chairman, JP Harold Coogan.
After careful consideration and discussion, the Quorum Court voted 9 to 0 to approve a 4% raise for all county employees and elected officials effective September 1, 2020. Part time employees will also get the raise, but Justices of the Peace will not since they are technically not county employees.
Polk County Judge Brandon Ellison thanked the JPs for approving the recommendation of the Salary and Personnel Committee stating that the county is fortunate to have some very good employees and that he would like to be able to keep them as well as recruit new ones as needed.
The minimum and maximum that can be paid to elected officials is set by State Statute based on the county's size or "classification". Polk County is a Class 3 county and elected official salaries are on the low side of the range.
The Quorum Court also unanimously passed a Resolution endorsing Issue 1 which will be on the ballot November 3rd. Issue 1 is not a new tax, only a continuation of the one-half percent sales and use tax that brings some $460,000 annually to Polk County for road work.
8-26-20 10:53 AM KAWX.ORG