The Polk County Quorum Court convened for their first session of the new year on Monday, January 4th. Just prior to the meeting, County Judge Brandon Ellison administered the oath of office to the Justices of the Peace, including new JP Levi Ellison, and two by telephone, JP Jim Neugent who is self-isolated and JP Chris Daniel who is in quarantine. Deputy County Clerk Paula Clark filled in for County Clerk Terri Harrison who also in in quarantine. 


JPs took care of routine business and set the meeting time for 6:30 p.m. (it had been 6:00 p.m.) for meetings in 2021. Meetings will continue to be on the fourth Tuesday of each month.


In new business, two ordinances were passed by unanimous consent to pave the way for a special election on March 9th to replace the special road tax that will expire June 30th. This will not cause a tax increase, only continue the tax that had a built in sunset to allow voters the opportunity to renew it or not. The once cent tax money can only be used for roads and bridges in the county. If passed, the tax will go into effect July 1st.


While no action can be taken until November, there seemed to be agreement that if the sales tax passes, the current road millage would be rolled back from 1.2 to 0. Should the tax fail, the millage would have to be increased to the maximum allowed of 5.0.


Allowing a road sales tax to partially fund the maintenance and building of roads and bridges in the county, and not the millage, will take some burden off property owners and take advantage of taxable sales to the many people who visit here for recreation purposes and use the roads, as well as other county services. 


The 2021 - 2022 Quorum Count is made up of Justices of the Peace: Chris Daniel, Jim Neugent, Levi Ellison, Margo Kimp, Troy Lunsford, Terry Terrell, Tommy Floyd, Terry Scott, Basil Kesterson, Mitchell Tidwell, and Tawana Gilbert.


The next Quorum Court meeting will be held February 23rd at 6:30 p.m. in the Quorum Court Meeting Room at the Polk County Office Complex (old hospital) on Pine Street in Mena. Quorum Court meetings are open to the public.


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