OLT hopes to bring their regular schedule back as soon as possible, but in the meantime, the theatre group will continue to bring socially distant smaller productions to the stage. There is much excitement for the next play entitled “Love Letters” will take place February 13 and 14. Robby and Gini Burt will perform this readers theater style show on Valentine’s Day weekend. Their excellent acting skills will bring to life this touching story of two lifelong friends whose complicated relationship is observed through letters to one another. CDC guidelines, including masks and limited audience size, are still in effect.


Watch social media and this website for details of this and other upcoming shows this spring.


The Board of Ouachita Little Theatre recently declared January to be a “dark” month, which means the theater was closed to all public events during the first month of 2021. Since our patrons’ safety is paramount to us, this time was used to execute a deep cleaning and professional disinfecting regimen to the building. Repairs and modifications also took place to enhance a comfortable and safe environment.


The OLT office will be open only on Fridays from 10:00 – 2:00 until further notice. You can purchase season tickets at 610 Mena Street. The Memory Maker service is also located there where you can turn your old VCR tapes into DVD’s for long lasting preservation at a very reasonable cost.


The staff and players at OLT hope to see you soon!


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