Mena Water Customers Asked To Conserve Water, Report Leaks

Mena Water Utilities manager Charles Pitman is asking for the help of Mena Water customers as they deal with issues in the aftermath of record cold temperatures and snow recently. Pitman is asking that customers conserve water and report leaks to the Water Department.

"Customers of Mena Water, we need your help! Due to the bitter cold weather, we have been running the water treatment plant at full capacity for several days now to keep up with the demand from customers that have had to run their water to keep it from freezing and, unfortunately, due to customers’ broken pipes. Additionally, we have had to repair one main break so far. We anticipate more main breaks and potentially more customer line breaks in the next couple of days as the ground thaws. In an effort to keep the water flowing to as many customers as possible, we ask that you conserve water in your home if possible. The overnight temperatures are not predicted to drop below freezing so if our customers can safely turn off dripping faucets and hold off on extra water usage for the next couple of days, it will help us keep more customers with running water for the essentials. Additionally, as the snow melts, please let us know if you think you see water running in the street or ditches where you do not typically see it as those are potentially the main water line leaks we are looking for. Our emergency phone number, which is answered 24 hours a day is 479-394-2769 or during regular business hours, the office number is 479-394-2761. We appreciate everyone’s help during this record-breaking winter event."
2-21-21 7:13 a.m. KAWX.ORG