Congressman Bruce Westerman's Weekly Column

More Government Will Not Solve the Food Crisis


Ronald Reagan once said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.’” Americans across the country are hurting, faced with unprecedented gas prices and a global food crisis. Farmers and producers are struggling to combat the growing food shortage as supply chains remained strained and input costs continue to skyrocket. Diesel costs are up 115%, natural gas is up 202%, and fertilizer is up 125% from January 2021.


Contrary to what my friends across the aisle might think, the answer to every problem is not always to impose the weight of the government. Congressional Democrats’ misguided solution to lower food costs by increasing regulations and taxes for farmers will only make the crisis worse.


I hear often from Arkansas farmers and producers who tell me they need Congress and the Administration to cut the red tape that holds back American agricultural production. That is why I sent a letter with my Republican colleagues to President Biden asking him to cut back on costly, useless regulation, expand the definition of critical minerals to include those needed to create fertilizer, and increase domestic energy production.


I also co-sponsored the Reducing Farm Input Costs and Barriers to Domestic Production Act to reverse the more harmful regulatory burdens, address farm input costs, and provide certainty for American farmers and producers. Rather than attacking private industry, we will give American farmers the tools they need to provide immediate relief to families here in the United States and abroad.


We can’t continue to throw money at the problem instead of addressing the underlying issues of the upcoming food shortage. My colleagues and I have developed commonsense, near-term solutions that would empower American farmers and agricultural producers. Until we unleash the power of American resources, prices will continue to climb, and that is unacceptable when we hold the keys to a solution.


I will always stand up for Arkansas’ farmers, producers, foresters, small businesses, and hardworking families to ensure government does not get in the way of their success. I encourage my friends across the aisle to join me in meaningfully combatting the growing global food crisis and empowering our American farmers and producers.


6-17-22 1:45 p.m. KAWX.ORG