Congressman Bruce Westerman's Weekly Column

Fair Care for All

Senate Democrats are resurrecting President Biden’s shortsighted “Build Back Better” bill after reaching an agreement with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV). The bill, besides raising taxes and greenlighting Green New Deal provisions, will expand government control over drug pricing in a misguided attempt to bring down health care costs. Though Americans largely agree that health care reform is needed, given the 31 million uninsured Americans and the cost of health care averaging over $12,500 per person in 2020, sadly, but unsurprisingly, Republicans are being entirely excluded from the negotiations.

We have real differences in how we want to address our problems leading to oversimplified stereotypes suggesting that Republicans insist on fiscally responsible, long-term solutions that will bring costs down, while Democrats will not risk increasing the number of uninsured Americans, even in the short term. The disagreement has led to an impasse without meaningful progress towards making health care affordable for all Americans.

That is why I crafted a comprehensive plan that combines over 75 bipartisan proposals to salvage workable sections of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to expand insurance and health care options, protect those with pre-existing conditions, lower costs, and increase the number of insured Americans.

My plan, the Fair Care Act (FCA), will put more dollars back into American’s pockets so they can make their own choices about what health care options work best for them and their families, while dropping the number of uninsured Americans by about 35%, or roughly 14.6 million people.


I am confident that a bipartisan solution can be found to deliver real and lasting health care reform to the American people. Regardless of the difficulties that have come before us, we must deliver Americans the Fair Care they deserve. No one should go broke from a tragic accident or diagnosis. I am confident that through the FCA, we can support free market solutions that protect the most vulnerable among us.