OLT's "Silas Marner" Cast is Announced

Director Brad Storey has publicized his cast choices to play the characters in his original script based on the novel “Silas Marner.”  This classic tale is about a mysterious, lonely man who discovers beauty and joy in a most surprising and unusual way. Six shows will be performed during the last two weekends of October.



The cast is as follows:
Narrator - Alex Night; Silas Marner - Austin Zarrella; Jem Rodney - Robert Canterbury, Mr.
Macey - Eddie Huckaby, Snell / Crackenthorpe - Stacey Musgrave, Tookey / Dr. Kimble - Chris
Beaver, The Farrier - Mike Moe,  John / Aaron - Silas Baker, Bob / William - Scott Roberts,
Andrew - BJ Hart, Godfrey Cass- Ryan Lewis, Squire Cass- Scotty Jenkins,  Dunstin Cass -
Tommy Myers, James - Tillman Putman, Minister - Brad Storey,  Bryce  - Michael Rolland,
Elizabeth / Molly - Angel Moe, Jane - Tia Moe, Young Eppie – Katie Norris, Nancy- Sarah
Lewis, Dolly Winthrop - Kirsten Casperson,  
Eppie - Jocelyn Biard


Some of the crew is already at work including Makayla Kenyon-Ortiz as Stage Manager, Tia
Moe as Assistant Director, and Set Painters Natalie Raby, Susan Raby, and Lorraine
Timmerman. Additional crew will be named at a later date.


9-10-22 11:44 AM KAWX.ORG