2022 Ouachita Quilt Show Winners


2022 Ouachita Quilt Show Winners


The Ouachita Quilt Show Committee thanks everyone who participated in making this year’s Quilt Show a huge success.

There were 32 Categories in this year’s show. Each category qualified for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons. Best of Show was the judge’s choice from all the first-place quilts. In addition to those ribbons, community leaders were asked to pin a mini bear paw on their favorite quilt. Watch the Ouachita Quilt Show on its Facebook page for dozens of show photos and other announcements.


We are pleased to announce the following winners for the various categories.


Donation Quilt Winner: Judy McClara, Mena AR

Best of Show: Jeri Breashears, “Let’s Bake” (shown below)

Peoples Choice: Susan J Carter: “Dawn Chorus”


Shown is Best of Show: Jeri Breashears, “Let’s Bake”


Community Leader Ribbons:

Chamber of Commerce: Sharon Judkins, “Red & White Sampler”

City Attorney: Debra Lay, “The Sasquatch”

City Clerk: Jeri Breashears, “Prim”

Mena Chief of Police: Patsy Tarlton/ T Hooper, “Truckin”

Polk County Judge: Joyce Sanden, “Chocolate Star”

Polk County Sheriff: Judy McClara, ”Judy’s Flower Garden”

Mayor of Mena: Debra Lay, “The Sasquatch”

Mayor of Cove: Elizabeth Nunley, “Missouri Star”

Mayor of Hatfield: Rhonda Sweet, “Old Barn & Truck”

Mayor of Wickes: Linda McAdoo, “Over the River”

Prosecuting Attorney: Joyce Sanden, “Frolicking Pinwheels”

Polk County Clerk: Barbara D Moncrief, “Patriotic Strawberry Swirl”

Mena Star: Carol Carlyle, “Funky Chickens”

The Pulse: Susan J Carter, “Dawn Chorus”

Mena Art Gallery: Barbara D Moncrief, Unnamed

UARM Chancellor: Jeri Breashears, “Garden Sampler”

Mena ISD Superintendent: JoAnn Mitchell, “Unity”

Cossatot River Superintendent: Susan J Carter, “The Dance”

Judges of Show: Susan J Carter, “Dawn Chorus”, Molly Lindsey, ‘Make Yourself at Home”

Vendor Choice: Jana Strictland, “Dames with Dogs Duet”, Martha Edwards, “Christmas Trees”

Quilt Show Chairman: June Blaine,” Sodalite Cabins”

Quilt Show Committee: Cookie Shelley, “Fractured Textiles”, Mae Dell Sikes, “Dresden Plate”, Linda McAdoo, “Anna’s Baskets”, Rebecca Romine, “Bear Paw”, Janna Strictland, “Summer Sherbet”, Elizabeth Nunley, “Missouri Star”


Quilt Categories Winners

Hand Pieced/Hand Quilted: 2nd: Rebecca Romine “Confetti in the Snow”, 3rd: Tammy Free, “Spider Webb”

Hand Pieced/ Home machine quilted: Collette Phillips “Memory of Grandma II

Machine Pieced/Hand Quilted: 1st: Rebecca Romine, “Friendship Star”, 2nd: Debra Lay, “Red, White & Black Sunshine”

Machine Pieced/Home machine quilted: 1st: Rhonda Sweet,” Old Barns & Trucks” 2nd: Jan Strictland, “Summer Sherbet”,

3rd: Judy Myres, “Antique Tiles”

Machine Pieced/Long Arm all over quilted: 1st: Linda McAdoo, “Anna’s Baskets”, 2nd: Debra Lay, “Home Sweet Home”,

3rd: Barbara D Moncrief, Unnamed

Machine Pieced/Long Arm custom quilted: 1st: Susan J Carter, “Dawn Chorus”


Machine Pieced/Long Arm hand Guided: 1st: Barbara D Moncrief, “Harmony & Light in the Darkness”, 2nd:

Jeri Breashears, “A Very Coriander Christmas”

Combined Techniques/Hand quilted: 1st Peggy Shelley,” Sampler Quilt Blocks”

Combined Techniques/Home machine quilted: 1st: Anna Brainerd/Patsy Tarlton, “Graduation”, 2nd: Debra Lay,

“Cherry Smash”

Hand Appliqued/Hand quilted: 1st: Marty Smith, “Mimi’s Flower Garden”

Hand Appliqued/Home Machine quilted: 1st: Carol Carlyle, “Funky Chicken”, 2nd: Sharon Judkin, “Dresden Irish Chain”,

3rd: JoAnn Mitchell, “Unity”

Machine Appliqued/Home machine quilted: 1st: Jeri Breashears,” Prim”, 2nd: Linda McAdoo, “Variegated Threads”,

3rd: Sharon Judkin, “Flea Market Flowers”

Wall Hanging/Machine quilted: 1st: Molly Lindsey, “Make Yourself at Home”, 2nd: Debra Lay, “I Will Cut You”,

3rd: Linda McAdoo, “Bewitching Hat”

Lap Quilt/Machine quilted: 1st: Barbara D Moncrief, “Patriotic Strawberry Swirl”, 2nd: Judy McClara,

“Frazzled Oriental Garden”, 3rd: Klinda Rath,” Birds of a Feather”

Miniature: 1st: Barbara D Moncrief, “Harvest Barn Stars”, 2nd: Cindy Ezell, “Iris”, 3rd: Judy Myres, “Leftovers”

Baby Quilt: 1st: Linda McAdoo,” Diamond Patch”, 2nd: Martha Edwards, “Beach Comber”, 3rd: Molly Lindsey, “Doll House”

Apparel: 2nd: Jeri Breashears, “Beach Comber Jacket”

Original Design: 1st: Jeri Breashears, “Autumn Sampler”, 2nd: Rebecca Romine, “Bear Paw”

First Quilt: 1st Judy McClara, “My Life Quilt”, 2nd: Barbara Moncrief, 3rd: Matthew Wiltrout, “Blue Jean Quilt”

Group Quilt: 1st” Nancy Philpot, “Birthday Blues”

Embroidered Quilt/Hand Quilted: 1st: Jeri Breashears, “Lets Bake” , 2nd: Linda McAdoo, “Over the River”

3rd: Patsy Tarlton/Grady Pate, “Busy Boys”

Home Décor: 1st: Barbara D Moncrief, unnamed wall hanging 2nd: Peggy Shelley, “Chicken Scratch”,

3rd: Jeri Breashears, “Santa Standing”

Art Quilts/Embellishments: 1st: Debra Lay, “Go Fly a Kite”, 2nd: Rhonda Sweet, “Laura’s Wedding Dress Baby Quilt”

Other: 1st: Barbara D Moncrief, “Making Lemonade out of Lemons” bag, 2nd: Cindy Ezell, “Cheerful Fellow” quilted bag,

3rd: Debra Lay, “Wine Tote bag”


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