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Memorial Day Holiday Highway Safety

Arkansas Drivers Reminded to use IDriveArkansas.com for

Memorial Day Holiday Travel Information


LITTLE ROCK - The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) reminds drivers to “know before you go” and visit IDriveArkansas.com before traveling this Memorial Day holiday weekend.


Extensive highway improvements continue through the state. With those improvements come work zones. To aid in your holiday travel, ARDOT has been working hard to open as many lanes as possible. Still, travelers will likely face work zones and possible delays due to increased traffic volume.


The American Automobile Association (AAA) predicts that more than 41.5 million Americans, nearly 5% more than last year, will travel more than 50 miles from home.


To help motorists find ways around accidents and work zone backups on Interstates, ARDOT has an Alternate Routes feature on IDriveArkansas.com. It displays linkages between the Interstate corridors and secondary routes that motorists may consider when travel is delayed. You can also follow us on Twitter @myARDOT.


Below is a list of closures on Arkansas’ Primary Highway Network during the holiday weekend. Motorists are encouraged to look at IDriveArkansas.com to find closures that are on secondary and low traffic volume routes.


Route County City Mile Marker Distance Lanes Closed Time

Hwy 67 Randolph Pocahontas 7-8 1 mile Both Northbound 24 hours

I-555 Poinsett Marked Tree 12-18 6 miles Both Outside Lanes 24 hours

I-530 Jefferson Pine Bluff 41-46 5 miles Both Northbound 24 hours

I-30 Miller & Hempstead Fulton 16-19 3 miles East & Westbound 24 hours

Hwy 23 Franklin Cass 22-23 1 mile Middle Northbound 24 hours

Hwy 59 Washington Evansville 14-16 2 miles Middle Northbound 24 hours

Hwy 59 Crawford Van Buren 23-24 1 miles Middle Southbound 24 hours


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