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Patricia Merrill Obituary

Patricia Pauline "Pat" Merrill


If you're reading/hearing this then I've had the privilege of beating you to the Promised Land. However, at this writing I am very much alive and have no plans to take the above mentioned journey anytime soon. My children have told me from time to time how hard it was for them to write their father's obituary so this relieves them of that burden. I very much suspect that after having this literary masterpiece made public they are wishing they had taken on the task.


I was born Sunday, December 2, 1945 in the thriving metropolis (population approximately 1,000) of Spur, Texas in the tiny Nichols Hospital. My first introduction to pain was, by a man of course, via a spanking done by Dr. J.F. Hughes. I've been told I was a troublemaker from day one as it was sleeting, cold, windy and dark but I refused to wait to make my entrance on a better weather night. I already had an older brother, 18 month old George Durwood Elliott, the smart, likable, dependable best older brother ever (most of the time). At this time he is 77, not very well and lives in Wichita Falls, Texas with "Baby", his rescue dog. His wife of 43 years, Zana, suffered a massive stroke and left us in 2018. Eighteen months after my inconvenient birth another son was born making me the only girl and the middle child in every sense of the word. The little intruder was officially named Billie Don but in a very short time would affectionally become known as "mean little Bill", a name he earned from the time he ran away to go "wabbit huntin" at about the age of 3 until I was old enough to date and my boyfriend (Arnold) had to give him .50 cents every time he came over so that Bill would stop hanging over the back of the sofa between us. Unfortunately, we lost him in 2002 at the age of 55 due to a massive heart attack. As he was sleeping at the time, the attack was undoubtedly brought on while dreaming up another prank to pull on some poor unsuspecting soul. He had one great love, Cheryl, who survives him. He left two children, Janet and Michael. Our parents were George Belle "G.B." and Pauline Rodgers Elliott. When I was 15 years old, my Dad was murdered at the hands of a drunk while trying to enjoy a family meal at a local restaurant in Haskell, Texas. He was 39 years old. Mama died of heart disease at the age of 68 in Wichita Falls, Texas. Both are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery at Graham, Texas. For many years I was blessed with an awesome stepfather, Roy Webb Hammett. He died September 19, 2010.


At the time of this writing I am 75 years, two months and 4 days old. I'm sure I'll update this from time to time but for now this is accurate. I have no idea what I died of. It might have been anything from COPD to heartworms. I lived, I blinked, and it was over.


I earned my LPN degree in 1978 from Rich Mountain Vocational Technical School long before it became Rich Mountain Community College. It was the first year the nursing course was offered. I was on the Deans List as well as bus driver and radio spokesperson for our class. I later earned a degree in Medical Transcription from Vernon Regional College in Wichita Falls, Texas and was again on the Deans list. I have long been proficient at anything to do with needles. I am a master seamstress having kept my daughter in a new outfit almost weekly during her high school years. I made the first, and only, fully lined, vested suit my youngest son ever had. I am proficient at crochet, embroidery and cross stitch. I dabbled in knitting, quilting and tatting just to prove I could. It was only natural to go into the field of nursing as the art of giving injections only added to my expertise with needles.


After a couple of "glitches" I married Lee Jerome Merrill on October 4, 2001. Our marriage ended with his death on August 11, 2011 due to the ravages of Parkinson's, heart disease and diabetes. He was a decorated, Purple Heart holding veteran, a big, handsome man with a voice to match. He was a force to be reckoned with. I miss him still.


My love of reading is second only to the adoration I felt for each of my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.


Wayne, my multi-talented, "cowboy", firstborn who truly lives every little boys dream and resides on a ranch in Oklahoma with the love of his life, Sharon.


My beautiful, fiery, loyal, sensitive Tammy who has spent her life denying she's a lot like me.


Reese, the tender-hearted jokester, "fixer" of all things, who lives to aggravate his sister and to this day swears "she's adopted.” She nicknamed him "the brat" at an early age and it's still her chosen name for him.


I've been known to say, "If I had known how awesome my grandchildren would be I would have skipped the children," (kidding, of course). Blake, the countless hours of pleasure I experienced as I watched you play ball, go on to get your master's, coach you own teams and have a beautiful family.

Kristen, the many nights you spent in bed with us as a toddler telling about riding the school bus whose driver was a "bear". You couldn't wait to go to school and go to school you did, earning double degrees in the same year while working and raising a young daughter all on your own.

Josh, kind, tender hearted, hard worker who loved to point out he-he's (horses) wherever he found them. You loved the "Woody" character from “The Toy Story” to the point of wearing your “Woody" hat everywhere.

Chance, loving, gentle, patient, loyal and a survivor. You learned to crawl and make my music box play at about the same time. Your love of "Barney" resulted in a handmade Halloween costume of the same. Reeselyn, adorable, sassy, likes her hair "fluffy" and had an uncanny knack of instantly naming her possessions. Case in point, "America". Leslie, Dallas, William, Dalton, and Jordan, how I wish I had known you better. Jayce, Landon, Kynleigh and my special angel, Analeigh (little a), my sweet, precious, double-perfect, great-grands. You light up my life.


I love my Lord and Savior, the Bible, my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, my country and almost anything "Texan". I enjoy genealogy and have researched one side of my family since they landed in Watertown, N.Y. from Scotland, fought in the Civil War and finally landed in Texas. Yes, we were originally “damn Yankees” but only until we learned better.


My favorite food is chicken 'n dumplings, homemade coconut cream pie, seafood and anything Mexican. My favorite bible verse is John 3:16 and my favorite gospel song is "The Old Rugged Cross". The words make me cry. My favorite movie is "Gone With the Wind." My favorite color is any shade of purple and I adore Texas Bluebonnets. Nothing more beautiful than a field of them in the spring. I love history, old homes, old movies and a few old men (Pop, Lee, David, Wayne and Reese).


My biggest dislikes are seeing the word Christmas with a "X" where the word Christ should be and taking the Lord's name in vain.


My paternal Grandmother once told me that I was, "the ugliest baby she had ever seen", just before she told me that if you were born ugly you would grow up to be a beauty and vice versa. She redeemed my hurt feelings with the last half of that sentence as she was my favorite grandparent and the one who always had a biscuit with butter and sugar, a soft lap and unlimited patience. I'll leave it up to the ones who know me to decide if her prediction came true or not. What I do know is that I now have the smoking hot body I've always wanted...having been cremated! Yes, Tam, I'm watching you (family joke).


I've written my own, slightly unusual obituary because I didn't want this day to be remembered as only a sad one. I do want you to cry a little, after all, I did die! Please bear in mind that our separation is a temporary one and I'll be dancing with Pop and the angels until such time as the Lord reunites us, so be happy for me. There is one other little thing I would like to insert here but my family would all go into shock so I won't. Tammy knows! Don’t you be laughing, Tam. It’s something you can all laugh about at the family meal I hope you all share together after this celebration.


Besides my younger brother and parents, I'm preceded in death by the fathers of my children, William Arnold Jones and Maurice Manasco, Sr.. If our children have any faults (which I doubt) they most certainly were inherited from the male side of their parentage. There, I finally got the last word! A private family graveside service was held at Pleasant Grove Cemetery in Cove, Arkansas under the direction of Bowser Family Funeral Home.



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Sarah Joann DeLisle Crider Obituary

Sarah Joann DeLisle Crider, age 85, of Mena, Arkansas passed away peacefully the afternoon of June 20th, 2022, surrounded by family and special friends which cared for her at the Green House Cottages.

Joann was born in Dallas, Texas on April 4th, 1937. Joann was adopted by her loving parents Ralph Burdett DeLisle and Lennie Grace DeLisle of Lewisville, Texas. Her birth mother was Zenobia Moore. Joann lived a very interesting and complex life, the kind that movies are made about, she was a strong woman, a survivor, and as beautiful as an actress. Joann met Bill, her husband of 48 years, while working at LTV in Ft. Worth, Texas; they married and moved to Mena in 1969. Together they were blessed with eight children, in an “Eight is Enough” kind of way. and many grand & great-grandchildren. Joann loved her children and was the most wonderful grandmother.

In Mena, Joann worked in retail management, was a business owner of Crider’s Crafts, Antiques, & Ceramics-she taught ceramic classes at her shop. Joann was mostly known for her gift as an artist, she loved to craft and could paint just about anything. She especially loved painting big cats, so much that she adopted one at Turpentine Creek, a wildlife refuge in northern Arkansas. Joann was a member of the Ouachita Arts & Craft Guild and Chair for the Mountain Fest Event at Queen Wilhelmina State Park for several years. Joann loved her pets as much as she loved her children, from horses to cats to her beloved dogs – she was an animal lover. Among some of her other gifts, she was an amazing cook and baker. Her chocolate and coconut cream pies, Italian Cream cake & her Red Velvet cake were to die for, and she loved baking for those that were special to her. Family game nights were some of the most remembered, she always had the most fun and loved to beat Bill. Joann loved to camp, she & Bill spent many miles on the road to Lake Tawakoni in Texas and many other campgrounds. Joann was of the Baptist faith and a member at Salem Baptist Church.

Joann was preceded in death by her parents; her husband, Belvin “Bill” Crider; a sister, Georgette; a daughter, Mary Owens; and a grandson, Shane Owens.

Joann is survived by her daughters, Brenda Ladd of Ft. Worth, TX; Patsy Abbott and husband, Vernon of Covington, TX; Twyla Millican and husband, Anthony of Grand Prairie, TX; son, Rodger Crider & wife, Cyndie of Mena, AR; daughter, Dee Matejek and husband Tom of Mena, AR and her daughters, Julia Conley and husband Bob of Clifton, TX; and Susan Rice and husband, Roger of Ft. Worth, TX. Also, her grandchildren: Chris Owens, Pete Lopez, Marcus Lopez, Toni Shanks, Joe O’Hearn, Collen O’Hearn, Phillip McMellon, Daniel McMellon, Alex Crider, Tyler Crider, Breanna Crider, Adam Matejek, Ryan Matejek, Megann Rowe, Leah Anderson, Paul Putman, Eric Owens, Cathy Rice, and Peggy Hoyler and many great-grandchildren. Her brothers, Geary Don Moore of San Leon, TX; Ronny Moore of Hico, TX; and Randy Moore of NW Arkansas.

The children would especially like to thank Josephine Baldwin, who cared for our mother the last two years she was at home – Josie, you are like family to us; and all the staff at the Green House Cottages of Homewood, Cottage #6 & Dr. Henderson.
A memorial service will be held at Beasley Wood Funeral Home, August 6th, 2022, at 10:00 a.m.


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Peggy Myers Obituary

Peggy Jean Myers, age 86, of Mena, Arkansas passed away on Sunday, June 26, 2022, at The Green House Cottages of Homewood surrounded by loved ones. She was born on Thursday, April 30, 1936, to Judson Vanator and Jettie Thompson Vanator in Warsaw, Indiana.


Peggy married the love of her life, Verlos Gene Myers, on December 20, 1954. Peggy worked as a florist at Krogers in Hot Springs for ten years and even won Florist of the Year with her talents. She loved to spend time gardening in her flower beds and crocheting. Peggy enjoyed going dancing with her friends, traveling, and doing ceramics. Most of all, her children and family were always most important to her, and she strived to always give them a happy loving home. Peggy was a loving mother, grandmother, aunt and friend and will be missed by all who knew her.


She is preceded in death by her parents; her husband, Verlos Gene Myers; and two sisters, Betty Baugher and Sue Bolinger.


She is survived by one daughter and son in law, Chris and Gary Devahl of Garden Grove, California; three sons and daughters in law, Carey and Jan Myers of Houston, Texas, Russell and Lisa Myers of Mena, and Scott and Sherie Myers of Mena; grandchildren, Natalie and Steven Del Angel of Houston, Texas, Tali and Mike Dulog of Costa Mesa, California, Savannah and Robert Todd of Mena, Candace Rowe and fiancé Brett Fountain of Mena, Dalton and Autumn Myers of Mena, and Jill and Chris Golden of Houston, Texas, Amy Ann and Jason Vanwinkle, and Brandon K. and Melissa Devahl; eighteen great grandchildren; several nieces and nephews and a host of other relatives and friends.


A funeral service will be held on Thursday, June 30, 2022 at 10:00 AM at the Bowser Family Funeral Home Chapel in Mena, Arkansas with Brother Andy Kennedy officiating. Interment will follow at the Hillside Cemetery in Big Fork, Arkansas under the direction of Bowser Family Funeral Home.


Pallbearers will be Robert Todd, Dalton Myers, Brett Fountain, Mike Dulog, Chris Golden, and Steven Del Angel.


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Keith Willard Aleshire Obituary

Keith Willard Aleshire embraced his complete and total healing on June 23, 2022. Keith was born March 9, 1952 to Johnny and Louise Aleshire. He married his sweetheart Sharon Towry Aleshire on May 15, 1971.
From an early age, Keith was a hard worker. Being an Aleshire must include a natural draw to any sort of tractor, bulldozer, or piece of heavy equipment and Keith was no exception. Many family stories have been shared about his understanding at an early age of how to start tractors and dozers. One of the favorite stories is when he, at age 3, convinced Granny Aleshire to pick him up and put him on his daddy’s dozer, which he started immediately and caused Granny to bail off the side with him and run screaming down the hill. Then there’s the time he was about 12 when he and his cousin Garry stumbled across a county road grader when they were running around the back roads of Board Camp. He climbed on the grader, started it and started moving all the levers much to the surprise, and likely delight, of Garry. His knowledge was used for good when he was riding the school bus and it became stuck in a ditch of water but next to the road was a piece of county equipment so he went over and started it to help dislodge the bus. The superintendent said to keep it a secret. The secret is safe with us.
He later went to state in FFA for tractor competitions three years in a row. As an adult his knowledge of this equipment helped him in many areas of his life as a farmer/rancher, bulldozer operator, volunteer firefighter, and business owner. He excelled in all he did, with his intelligent and witty personality, his listening and communication skills, his willingness to help others, and his “never give up” attitude.
He always just seemed to know whatever we asked, from any kind of question about life, to where a certain county road was located, or what was happening on the scanner. He had a tremendous memory and to the very end he could rattle off all kinds of figures, detailed instructions about how to do something, and ways to take care of Mama to make sure she was a “happy camper.”
With all of his roles, none was more important than his role as husband, daddy, PawPaw, and great PawPaw! He and his wife Sharon married young and jumped right into building their life and legacy together. By modeling a tremendous work ethic, he set an example that his kids and grandkids will always hold as a mark to match.
He always had a way to bring a smile with his stories, silly jokes, and pranks. When the grandkids came along, he became the “go to” for tractor and 4 wheeler rides, introducing them to every Little Debbie treat imaginable, and being the ice cream treat delivery boy. He was so patient with them and would hold them for hours as they looked through a tractor or gun magazine and picked out which one they wanted or when they challenged him to a game of checkers. We anticipate that he is already in Heaven giving tractor rides to his unborn son Justin, his unborn grandson Jacob Andrew, and any other little Aleshire offspring.
The absence he will leave will definitely be felt by, not only his family, but many throughout Polk County who loved him.
Survivors include his sweetheart of over 51 years Sharon, his children Greg (Melissa) Aleshire, Julie (Chris) Gordon, and Kristy (Jeremiah) Hall; his grandchildren Ginger (Stephen) Pittman, Nick (April) Ryan, Christopher (Angela) Gordon, Carissa Gordon, Nate Aleshire, Keira and Kinley Hall; his great grandchildren Lettie and Amelia Ryan, and Brady, Tyler, and Tanner Pittman; his sisters and brother Karen Miller, Brenda Huff, and John Karl Aleshire, and brother in law Charles Towry;uncles and aunts, Lenard Aleshire, J M Aleshire, Jean Wanger, June Susag, Virginia Edwards, and his aunt and best buddy Veda Ann who he renamed Deedle Dan as a child; a host of cousins, nieces and nephews.
Pallbearers are Chris Gordon, Jeremiah Hall, Christopher Gordon, Nate Aleshire, Nick Ryan, Stephen Pittman.

We would also like to thank Dr. Fred Divers and the staff of Genesis Cancer Center for their many years of care and trust, LaDonna and the staff of nurses, aides and chaplain of Area Agency on Aging who we think are angels in disguise.

Service for Mr. Aleshire will be held 10:00 a.m., Tuesday, June 28, 2022, at the First Christian Church in Mena, Arkansas. Brother Phillip Hatley and Brother Andy Philpot will be officiating, under the direction of Beasley-Wood Funeral Home. Interment will follow at Pinecrest Memorial Park in Mena, Arkansas. Visitation is general.
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Carol Patterson Obituary

Carol Jean Patterson of Mena, Ark. passed away Sunday, June 5, 2022 in Mena, Ark. She is survived by daughter Brenda Shugart and grandsons Cody and Colton Gore of Quinlan, Tx. And sister Barbara White of Arkansas. She was born in Dallas, Tx. to the late William and Edith Bandy. Jean was President of South Franklin Volunteer Fire Department for many years as well as a First Responder. She spent many years as EMT at East Texas Medical Center in Mt. Vernon, Tx. She also attended Police Academy in Texas. She was a certified Texas Park and Wildlife Animal Rehabilitator for years. She loved caring for wildlife everywhere she went. Her favorite past times were taking her daughter and grandsons on hiking, fishing, kayaking and camping adventures. She also loved taking her grandsons with her close friends to Chama, New Mexico where they fished for trout, hiked and camped in the backcountry, They also loved riding the train through the mountains as that was a favorite of hers. She was very knowledgeable and could fix or build most anything. She loved teaching her grandsons how to work on motors or build things.


The memorial service will be June 18, 2022 at 10:00am at Sam B. Harvey Funeral Home at 409 Kaufman St. Mt. Vernon, Tx. 75457. We will celebrate her love of life and recall great stories throughout her life.


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Byron Wood Obituary

Byron Leslie Wood, age 77, parted from this life into eternity with our Lord Jesus Christ on June 17, 2022 in Springfield, Missouri with his son, Korey and future daughter in law, Chrystene at his side. He was born on April 14, 1945 in Monroe, Michigan to Leslie Tellus Wood and Juber Wimberly Wood. He married Chelsea Baker in 1983.

Byron was a graduate of Mena High School Class of 1963. Byron had been a truck driver in his early years, but went to nursing school at age 45 to become an RN in Portland, Oregon. Upon graduation he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where he worked in numerous areas of the hospital until his retirement. He lived a life full of adventure, traveling and backpacking through Europe with his wife. He became a river whitewater certified guide and rescuer, floating many rivers in the Pacific Northwest. He loved camping, skiing, mountain climbing, hiking and fly fishing. He shared his adventures with his family and friends.

Byron was preceded in death by his parents; his wife, Chelsea Baker Wood; brothers, Jimmy Wood and Ronnie Wood; brothers in law, Rick Stipe and R C Gilbert; nephews, Greg Stipe and Chris Wood; and niece, Leah Settle. Byron is survived by his son, Korey Billington-Wood and fiancé, Chrystene Mallett of Springfield, Missouri; his daughter, Karen Brehm of Ventura, California; his brother, Maurice Wood of Van Buren; three sisters, Donna Wood Stipe, Lynda Wood Settle, and Julia Wood Gilbert all of Mena; numerous nieces, nephews, other family and many friends.

A graveside celebration of Byron's life will be held at the Cherry Hill Cemetery at a later date. Cremation arrangements are entrusted to Bowser Family Funeral Home in Mena, Arkansas.


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Charles "Charlie" Richard Hammonds Obituary

Charles (Charlie) Richard Hammonds, 83 years old, of Hartford, Arkansas passed away peacefully in his home on June 21, 2022.
Charles was born on March 5, 1939 to Thomas and Edna Hammonds, in a log cabin east of Vandervoort, Arkansas. He graduated from VanCove High School in 1957 and was enlisted in the United States Navy from 1957-1961. Charles mar-ried his classmate, Janelle Watkins, on July 22, 1961. They moved to Hartford, Ar-kansas, in 1963 where they raised their 4 children, and where Janelle continues to reside. Charles was employed at the Whirlpool Corporation in Fort Smith, Arkan-sas, from 1962 to 1995.
Charles was able to enjoy 27 years of retirement in Hartford, Arkansas where he spent his time tinkering in his shop, maintaining vehicles, gardening, caring for his lawn, fishing, playing cards with family, and traveling with Janelle in their mo-torhome.
Charles was preceded in death by his parents, Thomas and Edna (Liner) Hammonds, and his brothers: Wayne, Glen, Leon, and Larry Hammonds.
Charles is survived by his devoted wife of 60 years, Janelle Hammonds and children: Charlotte and husband Ian, Michael and wife Clycia, James, daughter-in-law Alicia and Barbara; siblings: Louis, Kenneth, Myra Powell, Doris Kesterson, and Joe; grandchildren: Dalton, Katie and husband Kevin, Charla, Tate and wife Abigail, Brianna, Keeton and wife Brooke, Natosha, Christina, Peggy, Asher, and Samuel; great grandchildren: Jenna, Tessa, Klynn, Krysta, Callahan, and Ariah; and many nieces and nephews.
Graveside service will be Thursday, June 23 at 9:00 a.m. at the Pleasant Grove Cemetery in Cove, Arkansas with Brother Donnie Jewell officiating. Interment will follow under the direction of the Beasley-Wood Funeral Home. Visitation will be Wednesday June 22 from 4-5:30 p.m. at the Beasley-Wood Funeral Home.

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Debbie Lynn Sexton Obituary

Mrs. Debra Lynn Sexton, age 65, passed away Sunday, June 19, 2022, in Mena, Arkansas. She was born July 7, 1956, in Mena, Arkansas to the late Preston and Reba Rosson.

Debbie was a farmer by profession. She enjoyed gardening, canning, and cooking for others. Deb was an exceptional cook, being known for her wonderful peanut brittle. She had an affinity for animals, especially her horses. Debbie was one of the hardest of workers. She was often found tending to her animals and garden. Debbie was also known to be very attentive to her friends and neighbors, always knowing if one of them were sick or in need, bringing eggs, plants, food or whatever she felt was necessary. She was a very loving and giving person and will be greatly missed by so many.

She is preceded in death by her parents. Mrs. Sexton is survived by her loving husband, Doug Sexton; her daughters, Callie Powell of Mena, Arkansas, Sara Gallien and husband John of Springdale, Arkansas; honorary brother, Donnie Evans; honorary sister, Sue Babel; as well as a host of friends who are thought of as family.

Services for Mrs. Debra Sexton will be held 11:00 a.m., Friday, June 24, 2022, at Beasley-Wood Chapel in Mena, Arkansas. Visitation will be Thursday, June 23, 2022, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Beasley-Wood Funeral Home.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the Arkansas Heart Foundation, 1701 South Shackleford, Little Rock, Arkansas, 72201.

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Melba Lewis Head Obituary

Melba Lewis Head, age 80, of Mena, Arkansas, passed from this life to her heavenly home on Sunday, June 19, 2022 at the Mena Regional Health System in Mena, Arkansas. She was born on January 30, 1942 to Bill and Lura Carter Lewis in Opal, Arkansas.

Melba was a member of the Dallas Avenue Baptist Church where she taught Sunday school to children for many years. She was an elementary school teacher for 39 years. Melba taught in Garland, Bryan, and Sabine Texas and moved to Mena, Arkansas in 1979 where she taught 5th graders for 30 years. Melba graduated from Oden High School and received her Bachelor's Degree from North Texas State University and her Master's Degree from East Texas University. Melba did graduate studies at Henderson State and received an Administrative Degree. She was a member of the Delta Kappa Gamma and loved many years of teaching children. She was an auxiliary member in the gift department at Mena Regional Health System for many years. Melba was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, sister, sister in law, aunt and friend and will be missed by all who knew her.

Melba is preceded in death by her parents; five brothers, Delbert Lewis, Harold Lewis, Don Lewis, Doyal Lewis and Billy D. Lewis. Melba is survived by her husband of 62 years, Joe Head of Mena, Arkansas; her son, Johnny Head of Dallas, Texas; her daughter and son in law, Melissa and Chad Humphrey of Bedford, Texas; her four adored grandsons, Dallas Head and Brandon Head of Phoenix, Arizona, Carter Humphrey and Chase Humphrey of Bedford, Texas; one sister, Etha Driggers of Pearcy, Arkansas; two brothers and sisters in law, Gary and Glenda Lewis of Prescott, Arkansas and Anthony and Jeannie Lewis of Mena, Arkansas; sister in laws, Doris Lewis of Oden, Arkansas and Charlene Lewis of Carlisle, Arkansas; her first cousin who was like a brother, Truman and Janet Lewis of Oden, Arkansas; many nieces and nephews; her church family and a host of other relatives and friends.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 10:00 A.M. at the Dallas Avenue Baptist Church with Brother Justin Leonard, Brother Rusty Lewis and Brother Andy Kennedy officiating. Interment will follow in the Board Camp Cemetery. Visitation will be Tuesday, June 21, 2022 from 6-8 P.M. at the Bowser Family Funeral Home Chapel. Arrangements are entrusted to Bowser Family Funeral Home in Mena, Arkansas. Pallbearers will be Russell Myers, Doug Powell, Eddie Kennedy, Jamie Reeves, Jimmy Driggers, Seth Driggers and Britt Driggers.


Funeral service will be livestreamed and viewable here:


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Robert "Bob" Brock Obituary

Robert “Bob” Brock made his last code-three response from this world to his Lord on June 15th, 2022 in his home, surrounded by his family. He was born July 28th, 1939 to William T. Brock and Lois Irene Brock in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a boy, he helped his parents operate their hardware store and lumber yard, Brock Builder’s Supply. At seventeen, he married his beloved wife Jeri, and joined the U.S. Navy, serving on the U.S.S. Lenawee, APA195 attack/transport ship stationed out of San Diego, California. After being honorably discharged a Petty Officer First-Class with two years of service, he and Jeri moved back to Tulsa where their daughter Meri was born. There, Robert worked at Saint Francis Hospital as Assistant Operating Engineer. As a master-level steam operating engineer, he oversaw the use and maintenance of high-pressure industrial steam equipment for heating and medical purposes. He later left Saint Francis Hospital and went to work remotely for Johnson Controls, designing circuit boards and relays for use in heavy machinery and complex electrical systems for use all over the world.

In 1976, Robert and Jeri decided to pack up their daughter Meri in a Greyhound bus he had converted into a motorhome, and leave the rush of the big city to settle in the first friendly town they came to: Mena, Arkansas. It is here that they met and homesteaded with the Walstons at Shady and became lifelong friends, sharing many wilderness adventures. Robert became the head of maintenance for Mena School Systems, head of maintenance for Mena Hospital, and also an EMT-Intermediate for R.D. William’s Volunteer Ambulance Service, the first modern EMS service in Polk County. He then joined Mena Fire Department under Chief Russel James, and quickly rose through the ranks, eventually becoming Chief himself. Robert wrote grants for the fire department to better their equipment and response capabilities, including Nomex turnouts, modernized air packs, their first-ever Jaws of Life, and many other specialty rescue/extrication tools that were generally considered unobtainable by small departments at the time. In addition to being Fire Chief, he was an Arkansas Fire Training Academy Adjunct Instructor, the Arson Investigator, Fire Marshall, Code Enforcement Officer, and an Auxiliary Police Officer with Mena Police Department. In 2003, he retired from his capacities to help raise and homeschool his Grandson, Collin. He loved his family, his occupations, his God, and was a lifelong woodworker and metalsmith, master plumber, master electrician, avid outdoorsman, and superior marksman.

He is preceded in death by his parents and his wife Jeri of 64 years. Bob was surrounded by family in his last hours. His daughter Meri, grandson Collin, and his wife Brandi miss him terribly In lieu of flowers or gifts, donations may be made in his name to the Mena Fire Department, the Arkansas State Firefighter’s Association, and the Mena Police Department.


No services are planned at this time. Cremation services are entrusted to Bowser Family Funeral Home In Mena.


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Judi Karon Beadles Obituary

Mrs. Judi Karon Beadles of Cherry Hill, Arkansas moved to her heavenly home, June 17, 2022. She was born March 5, 1949, to Ottis and Geraldine Egger. Judi was a member of Cherry Hill Gospel Church; her favorite color was blue. She loved to have a garden with many flowers and vegetables. After graduation, Judi worked at the Polk County Court House, she also taught Sunday school at the Church of Nazarene for several years, later she became a beautician. She owned her shop in Mena called Hair Fantasy. Her service was cuts and styles for everyone. Judi moved to Utah and worked at a dispatch trucking company, that is where Judi met Kenny, they moved back to Mena and Judi worked at Wal-Mart. One of Judi’s favorite songs was “If it wasn’t for the light house”.

Judi is preceded in death by her parents, Ottis and Geraldine Egger, her nephew, Tony Sterner, and by her infant stepson, Little Kenny. She is survived by her husband, Kenny; her sons, Slade and wife Angela Cunningham, Brandon Cunningham; one daughter, Crystal Cunningham; two stepdaughters, Kandy and Kelly; two grandsons, Mason Cunningham and Garret Dobbs; one granddaughter, Michaelia Cunningham; several step grandchildren; one brother, Larry Egger; three sisters, Phyllis Heath, Reba Bowling, Mary Etta Gillean; nieces, Charlotte Craig, Sharon Maechler, Kristy Gillean, Kim Gillean, Lindsey Ford, Amanda Andrews; and by her nephews, Matthew Heath, Travis Gillean, Dustin Egger, Joe Bowling, and Chase Egger, as well as a host of other family and friends.

Services for Mrs. Beadles will be held 2:00 p.m. Thursday, June 23, 2022, at Cherry Hill Gospel Church in Cherry Hill, Arkansas. Pastor Andy Anderson and Tom Hartley will be officiating. Interment will follow at Cherry Hill Cemetery in Cherry Hill, Arkansas. Visitation will be held at Beasley-Wood Chapel in Mena, Arkansas Wednesday, June 22, 2022, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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Betty Pauline Skaggs Obituary

Pauline Skaggs, age 83, of Mena, Arkansas, went to be with the Lord, Friday, June 10, 2022, in Little Rock, Arkansas. She was born on July 7, 1938, in Okemah, Oklahoma to the late Harlan and Minnie (Woolard) Ellis.

Pauline was a life-long member of the Church of God of Prophecy of Mena and served in many capacities through the years. Pauline worked in the restaurant business all her adult life. She enjoyed working cross-wood puzzles, playing softball, watching western movies and cooking big family meals.

Pauline was a beautiful and loving wife that devoted her life to her children and surrounded them with love. Her family was always her top priority. Her smile, laughter and love was the center of our family. Her kindness and generosity towards others knew no boundaries.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Frank Skaggs Jr; her son, Steve Skaggs; and daughter-in-law, Bobbie Skaggs. Pauline leaves to cherish her memory her sons, Stanley Skaggs of Eagletown, OK, Leon Skaggs (Teresa) of Muldrow, OK, Lonnie Skaggs (Susan) of Mena, Danny Skaggs of Mena, and Tim Skaggs (Leona) of Mena; daughters, Jan Place (Tim) of Howe, OK, Diann Christopher (Carl) of Conway, AR, Donna Little (Steve) of Cabot, AR, and Debbie Skaggs (Moe) of Mena; grandchildren, Steve Skaggs Jr, Misty Roan, Tonya Richards, Cindy Armer, Kylie Skaggs, Dustin Skaggs, Leana Hobbs, Kristina Johnson, Chris Hamrick, Chad Place, Robert Christopher, Ashley Varner, and Lillie Carver; twenty-two great-grandchildren; two great-great-grandchildren; sisters, Effie Lou Oden of Cove, AR, Virginia “Jean” Burns of CA, and Cleta Sue Lilly of AZ; and a host of extended family and friends.

Funeral services for Pauline will be held 2:00 pm Wednesday, June 15, 2022, at Beasley Wood Funeral Chapel with Brother Ed Rutherford, Brother Rick Guy, Brother Lafoy Parker, and Sister Kay Osban officiating. Interment will follow at Pinecrest Memorial Park in Mena under the direction of Beasley Wood Funeral Home. Visitation is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14, from 6-8 pm at the funeral home.

Pallbearers are Tim Place, Carl Christopher, Steve Little, Moe Carver, Steve Skaggs Jr., and Chris Hamrick. Honorary Pallbearers are her sons.

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Douglas Eugene Nursery Obituary

Douglas Eugene Nursery age 74, of Mena, Arkansas, died, Wednesday, June 8, 2022 in Little Rock, Arkansas. He was born on Thursday, October 23, 1947 to Clinton Howard Nursery and Beatrice Louise (Gibson) Nursery in Tulare, California.


Douglas was a man of faith and was a long time member of the Board Camp Assembly of God Church. He proudly served in the United States Army before making his living as a flooring contractor. Douglas worked at various locations installing flooring including Wal-Mart and Holiday Inn. He liked to listen to bluegrass and gospel music. Douglas was a proud father and grandfather and enjoyed every chance he was able to spend with his family. He especially enjoyed getting a kick out of the reactions from his grandchildren when he would tell them he liked to dinosaur hunt. Douglas was an avid outdoorsman. He loved to hunt, fish, and ride horses on occasion. Douglas collected a variety of knives and guns and was quite proud of his collection.


Douglas was a loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend and will be missed by all who knew him.


Douglas is preceded in death by his loving companion Joann Dilbeck Cauley, his parents; one brother, Wayne Nursery; and one sister, Midge Metto.


Douglas is survived by one son and daughter in law, Chris Nursery and wife Michelle of Strathmore, California; two daughters and one son in law, Kelly Nursery of Exter, California and Julie Dickerson and husband Terry of Amity, Arkansas; one brother, Harold Nursery of Mena, Arkansas; eight grandchildren, Nicholas Dickerson, Jake Dickerson, Candace Standridge, Madison Hardage, Alora Dannon Standridge Winters, Autumn Nursery, Marlaina Nursery, and Darin Nursery; nine great grandchildren and one on the way; several nieces and nephews and a host of other relatives and friends.


Graveside services will be Friday, June 10, 2022, at 2:00 P.M. at the Pinecrest Memorial Park Cemetery with Brother Tim Rose officiating.


Visitation will be Thursday evening from 6-8 P.M. at Bowser Family Funeral Home Chapel in Mena. Arrangements are entrusted to Bowser Family Funeral Home in Mena, Arkansas.


Pallbearers will be Chris Nursery, Darin Nursery, Nick Dickerson, Jake Dickerson, Terry Dickerson and David Johnson. Honorary Pallbearer will be Wayne McMillan.


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Willie Eugene Hoffman Obituary

Mr. Willie Eugene Hoffman, age 79, passed away Thursday, May 26, 2022. He was born August 7, 1942, in Urbana, New York to the late Wilson (Dutch) and Mozella (Parker) Hoffman.

Mr. Hoffman was a logger by profession, he worked in the logging industry for many years before owning Hoffman and Sons logging. After an injury he owned and ran a sawmill until he moved to Mena, Arkansas in 1991. There he did auctions and owned an RV park. He was married to Marie Surber in 1960 until her passing in 1969. He then was married to his wife of 53 years Von D Shelton on December 19, 196, together they raised 6 children.

Willie is predeceased by his father, Wilson (Dutch) Hoffman; mother, Mozella (Sandy) Hoffman; father-in-law, Chester Shelton; brothers, David Hoffman and Manuel Hoffman; his first wife, Marie; wife of 53 years Von; and special daughter Sherry Oakes. He is survived by his mother-in-law, Eunice Lyons of Red Oak, Oklahoma; daughters, Debbie Read and husband Ed of Oregon, Becky Kittleson and husband Jim of Corning, New York, Vonny Essman and partner Steve Ox; sons, Johnny Hoffman and partner Patricia Rouse, Billy Hoffman and wife Virginia of Tyrone, New York; grandchildren, Karla Tellez and husband Jaime, Beth Maldonado, Nicholas Maldonado, Jared Kittleson and partner Brenda, Kenny Kittleson, Johnathon Hoffman and wife Jasmine, Tim Edsall and wife Krysten, Nate Hoffman, Lynk Hoffman and partner Laura, Jaime Hathaway and partner David, Kimberley Canada and husband Michael; brother, Phillip Hoffman; sister, Sandra Wedley of Arizona; total of 11 grandchildren, 23 great-grandchildren with 2 more expected this year, and 10 great-great-grandchildren.

Cremation services for Mr. Hoffman are entrusted to Beasley-Wood Funeral Home; there are no services for planned at this time for Mr. Hoffman.

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Carolyn Sue Cook Derris Obituary

Carolyn Sue Cook Derris peacefully passed from, this life on June 1, 2022, at Homewood Cottages in Mena. She was born October 2, 1943, in Mena, Arkansas to Vera Burnett Cook and Robert “Bob” Cook. She attended Mena Public Schools graduating in 1962. She also attended the Kansas City Art Institute and the University of Arkansas completing her studies in 1968. She returned to Mena High School as an art teacher where she taught for 13 years. She later married Jim Derris and moved her home to Hot Springs, Arkansas where she worked for several years in advertising sales for KLAZ radio. Sue loved to cook, visit friends, and attend church. She was a proud member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Sue especially loved her family and her cats. She was a kind and caring soul and will be missed by those who knew her.

Sue is survived by her son Patrick McDaniel and wife Wendy and their children Colten and Courtney. She also leaves her sister Patricia Page of Mena, and brothers Guy and Michael Cook of Bakersfield, California. She also survived by her nephew Danny Thrailkill, Krystal Thrailkill, and children, Christopher, Spencer, and Travis, all of Mena. Special friends include Era Looney of Mena, and Marsha Langston Rhodes of Nashville, Arkansas.

Memorials to the Ouachita Humane Society are requested in lieu of flowers. The family extends a special thanks to the nursing staff at Homewood Cottages for their compassion and care.

Graveside services are June 2, 2022, at 2:00 p.m. at Pinecrest Memorial Park in Mena.


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